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asian wife cuckolding husband

Submited by 03IKharley
4 years ago
211 422

One hot Asian wife is cuckolding her husband with her boyfriend. The cuckold wife has a hot pussy to be fucked.

  • blueboytwo 13 March, 2017
    I would like to have my asian wife fucking other men , hopefully big white and black cocks .
  • Naung Ye 23 February, 2017
    know anything about?
    who is she?
    any more of her?
    where can i find?
  • Beems
    Beems 08 June, 2016
    Asians always get fucked by white. They have nice yellow skin bodies. good fucks. their men can't stop us. Want proof? watch the video.
  • Taurus
    Taurus 14 March, 2016
    Blah Blah Blah, saw it, same as the last, just different faces but everything else the same since 1980

    Ask yourself, Do I just want lights, camera and two people pounding meat like millions of other videos or do you really want to be the one, it all starts with a creative script.
    Read the comments, do they say anything about the story or the subject which in this case is the cuckolding of an Asian wife to a husband, not at all.

    The one aspect left out of all of these cuckold videos is the star, the hubby. The wife should be telling him to sit and watch so he should be 100% included in the full video. Dressed, (because we don't want to see another naked man let alone hubby), he should be sitting in the corner watching and we should see and hear her command him, occasionally ordering him to apply more oil to both. He should be very alert and attentive, not in a lame acting style, never speak unless she says.
    The fewer words the better since none of the porn people can actually act in a convincing way.

    Asian women with white bull and not blacks, there's just way too many blacks. They treat the women in a nasty, aggressive, self-serving way and have absolutely no class, I’m not trying to be racist but that's just my observation.

    Turn off the TV's , put some classy erotic no vocals 30 minute long sound track in the background, dim the lights, add a little insense with smoke, have a classy bed with luxury linen, what’s in the background counts, show the husband preparing the Asian wife, bathing her, rubbing her with perfumed oil, dressing her in sexy sensual clothing they pick out together etc, remember this is a shared experience.
    Bull arrives, hubby serves ###s, sits on the floor at her feet, does not touch as she cuddles with bull etc.
    Now she kisses hubby softly on the cheek and whispers loud enough so her bull overhears her telling him to prepare the master bedroom. Hubby stirs the romantic fir before leaving then goes to his room to dim lights, music, incense which makes smoke, turns down fresh linen, fluff pillows, lays out sex toys, etc. then waits by the bed.

    Bull carries wife gently like a bride to husbands and wife’s bed, she kisses hubby gently on the cheek then orders him to undress her slowly and the same for her new bull. Now naked and excited she orders hubby to lift her onto their bed and now oil and message completely both her and her new bull as she then watches and lays in his arms.
    Done she becomes aggressive, she slaps hubby several times then sends him to the chair in the corner to watch until she needs him to hold her while bull is loving her then she does things she 'll never do with her husband.

    Do this and you'll have a better cuckold video.

    I write for a living and what I see is nothing but garbage without imagination, Nothing but jump pump hump grunt and cum, no originality. If you really want to sell these things you need to think silent movies, the acting and story must be inviting because the voice acting is just so bad. I'll write some scripts, and they'll sell because people they’ll want to see the entire show, each part will arouse someone, not just two minutes to jack off for free.
    [email protected]
  • Blaha
    Blaha 28 January, 2016
    Thats how a white man fucks an Oriental
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 25 April, 2014
    it is good vid but too short please have more
  • Burke 23 April, 2014
    Oh yes. She has a very attractive face and body. Very sexy. Thanks for sharing.
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