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Submited by: Oikypjones


Joined: 11 years ago

Oops mature takes it in the ass

Duration: 4:02 Views: 4913104 Added: 7 years ago

Found this video of my friend's mature. she gets eaten then takes a hard cock in both holes. What a great lady

Categories: Amateur Straight

  • Barbaly
    Barbaly 04 December, 2016
    once upon a time I enter is the ass just the full short, my partner feels pain and she slapped me
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 25 September, 2016
    This video is a clinic on the Man's dominant role regarding sexual encounters. He is clearly in control & the female's role is to conform/correspond/submit to his desires. As a bonus, the dame is clearly thrilled maximum & satisfied by his repeated penetrating Penis & technique without ever requesting such pleasure. Beyond dispute, all me need to follow this lesson of dominance when in bed with a dame.
  • Dead Celebs Do Porn
    Dead Celebs Do Porn 19 September, 2016
    RIP Gary Shandling 1949 - 2016
  • saminadarling 21 May, 2016
  • pahatman
    pahatman 21 February, 2016
    This wife should get 'wife of the year award'!
  • dadof4
    dadof4 27 October, 2015
    After some premarital and marital trials we found out that my chubby wife has her strongest orgasm by being fucked ito her butt in the prone position supported by her well trained fingers.
  • gezgin 24 October, 2015
    Thanks for upload - My Favcorite position for Anal Mmmmh
  • amayo
    amayo 11 September, 2015
    the way it should be always....amazing... full marks to both of them....
  • nicole
    nicole 10 September, 2015
    je suis un garçon qui aimerait etre à la place de cette fille ,j adooore etre dans les bras d un homme
  • redkunaz 19 August, 2015
    mary ann
    also... did he cum? i realy don't know
  • Moe
    Moe 15 July, 2015
    She likey da freaky!
  • Sister in-law
    Sister in-law 04 July, 2015
    The woman in this video is Mirta Silvia Torres . As###tant Principal of Gateway Elementary School in Fort Myers Florida .
  • riko57 07 June, 2015
    nice just nice. agree with null music do not belong here
  • null
    null 29 May, 2015
    I'm pretty sure I have seen this before without the music. Music sucks.
  • df
    df 26 April, 2015
    should have fucked harder in the ass
  • switch_hitter46 02 March, 2015
    Music sure SUCKS! But the women is beautiful!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 28 January, 2015
    tres cool
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 23 January, 2015
    ???? ?
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 29 December, 2014
  • null
    null 06 December, 2014
    I've seen the original video without the music. This music sucks!
  • baise
    baise 12 November, 2014
  • candauliste57 09 November, 2014
    superbe tres bon
  • Member200000 04 November, 2014
    hThats the way it should be all the time
  • What a dumb whore
    What a dumb whore 02 November, 2014
    Silly little slut
  • horny parents
    horny parents 15 October, 2014
    if the lady wants a job in our private school shes hired!!!......but she has to cum to our home schooling swing partys!!
  • Sister in-law
    Sister in-law 04 October, 2014
    The woman in this video is Mirta Silvia Torres . As###tant Principal at Gateway Elementary School in Fort Myers Florida , and she is a big lesbian .
  • roseville63 03 October, 2014
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 01 October, 2014
    Thats the way it should be all the time
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 29 September, 2014
    Holy shit, I know this lady!! She's a ###acy tech at our local Sams Club! No ###ding!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 09 September, 2014
    THAT's the way it needs to done,thank-you.
  • ram
    ram 08 September, 2014
    Please take that cock mom. Your asshole is soo good.
  • BigStud78
    BigStud78 07 September, 2014
    Hell yeah, moms need to be fucked hard
  • hornygolfer007
    hornygolfer007 03 September, 2014
    Nice.. that video is going to make me find a hot white milf.
  • kanjut
    kanjut 01 September, 2014
    nice fuck
  • troublesome
    troublesome 21 August, 2014
    aw like you aint do it before why you on cuz you discusting don't look at it then
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 20 August, 2014
    haha he is listening to gangsters paradise what a dork
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 18 August, 2014
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 16 August, 2014
    That is one hot sexy lady!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 16 August, 2014
    That is so fucking discusting
  • uktony
    uktony 06 August, 2014
    more than welcome over in the uk, i'd fuck that teacher!!!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 22 July, 2014
    U r all stupid
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 05 July, 2014
    Shitty soundtrack for a fuck vid
  • I hope thats a joke
    I hope thats a joke 29 June, 2014
    I hope "Group of parents" is just ###ding. People have sex, and sometimes they record it. Get over it. It doesn't make her any less qualified to teach.
  • Charles
    Charles 11 June, 2014
    Yes, I know Mirta as well. She seduced me last year when I came to her house to repair their dishwasher. She stood over me while I was lying on my back working on the inside of the washer. She wasn't wearing any panties so I took a 30 minute break to repair the crack she was showing me between her thighs. I gave her a big discount on her bill along with a big 8 inch dick. Thanks Mirta!
  • Former best friend
    Former best friend 09 June, 2014
    This woman is Mirta S Torres . As###tant Principal of Gateway Elementary School . I know this woman and she did this to show husband Ruben she was not a lesbian . Very stupid .Bad move Mrs Torres
  • Steve
    Steve 05 June, 2014
    After School Special???
  • Group of parents
    Group of parents 04 June, 2014
    A copy of this video and a letter of concern was sent to the Lee County Superintendent of Schools Nancy J Graham on May 6 20014 .Immediate action will be needed .
  • yannaung
    yannaung 28 May, 2014
    mon&son xxx verylike
  • Parent of child
    Parent of child 25 May, 2014
    Mrs Torres video was released in 2008 and sold to 22 different websites.Now is in public domain .Google/Yahoo WIFE GETS IT UNEXPECTLY IN THE ASS.Good job .
  • besco9999 16 May, 2014
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 10 May, 2014
    I know this woman very well and her name is Silvia Mirta Torres and she has been awarded with the Golden Apple Award in 2009...she is a teacher and at the moment she is the As###tant Principal at Gate Way School in Fort Myers, Lee County...is horrendous...eventually she has a double life...a teacher in the morning and a porno star in the evening. Sooner or later she will be preying on our ###ren to satisfy her dirty mind...she must be stopped.
  • Analhorst
    Analhorst 06 May, 2014
    schön in den Arsch
  • Parents r insane
    Parents r insane 06 May, 2014
    That is not Torres. Any moron can tell. It looks nothing like her. Torres is an older and much less attractive woman. This woman is attractive and sexual. Two very different individuals. Sadly some pathetic "parents" are trying to defrock the fugly Torres.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 06 May, 2014
    How do you know this is the principal
  • king
    king 05 May, 2014
    it is so shame that you got your self into this kind of life! think twice!!
  • Very upset parent
    Very upset parent 04 May, 2014
    There is a different way to show your husband you are not a lesbian Mrs. Torres . This is disgusting . Shame on you .
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 03 May, 2014
    haha coolio playing in the background
  • null
    null 02 May, 2014
    So what if she has a job. What she does on her own time is her business. Maybe she didnt even know this was filmed. Either way I dont care. I would fuck her if i had the opportunity
  • Leroy
    Leroy 02 May, 2014
    Git rid of that shit music in the backround
  • Angry Parent
    Angry Parent 29 April, 2014
    This woman is ths as###tant pricipal of the Gateway Elementary School in Fort Myers Florida . This video was reported to te Director of Professional Standard & Equity Ranice Monroe and nothing was done . They should be fire
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 27 April, 2014
    I need a girl now
  • deafguy09
    deafguy09 20 April, 2014
    damn it I will fuck ur wife's asshole hard make ur wife get wild loud
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 28 March, 2014
    I love my ass fucked the most:)!"
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 08 February, 2014
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 24 November, 2013
    A good woman...Takes it in any hole her mans wants it.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 17 October, 2013
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 12 October, 2013
    Seriously?...Coolio-Gangster's Paradise...come on man haha gotta at least know the good rap
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 08 October, 2013
    love the assfuck you got way to go girl
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 25 September, 2013
    whats the music
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 22 September, 2013
    hey nice
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 12 September, 2013
    Are you guys from Tampa? :))
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 16 December, 2010
    What stupid music...WTF...
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 15 December, 2010
    Lots of girls love anal a lot!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 15 December, 2010
    nice girl
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 14 December, 2010
    pound that ass!!!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 13 December, 2010
    i love all pudle
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 13 December, 2010
    fuck that!
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 13 December, 2010
    fuck her hard
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