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Submited by: flyrod


Joined: 11 years ago

Real BBC wives Vol I

Duration: 14:16 Views: 3736342 Added: 3 years ago

  • ali1947
    ali1947 25 June, 2017
    wish I was hung like these guys.
  • King Jeremy THe WICKED 23 June, 2017
    DIRTY MOUTH? Cant Clean Nigger out of a white girls mouth, eventually she'll be a mud dog, then shes getting beaten up for not turning enuf tricks for his CRACK HABIT
  • jerry
    jerry 12 January, 2017
    some big cocks in the one like to my mouth on some of them
  • Mike
    Mike 02 December, 2016
    Truth is some women like really big ones and some ### them, there is no hard and fast rule. Just have to find one you are compatible with. Size matters for sure, for some , but not all.
  • darren
    darren 01 December, 2016
    A lot of girls I talk to in my office are very up front.....they are honest these days. .I'm told that women always play down the size of cock they prefer ..something like their vaginas are so small..but a couple of girls I work with say they are honest about it..they like their guys big not as long as guys think, but they say girth matters ..the thicker the better.
  • LOL
    LOL 13 October, 2016
    Music is fucking gay. It's a terrible choice, yet I respect the uploader anyway. Great slideshow :)
  • SEXY
    SEXY 19 May, 2016
  • Stephie
    Stephie 09 January, 2016
    I really liked this video, many of the shots were so good. I especially liked the one with the blondish girl who was with two guys and they both had huge cocks, I would love to have been in her shoes. I havien't had a big one yet but I will soon I am sure. Jennie and Jilly, I love your comments, wish there was a way for us to chat . Maybe Jamaica is the place to go, no need to hide there and no worry about being seen.
  • Jennie
    Jennie 15 December, 2015
    My husband an I traveled to Jamaica July 2015 the hotel mangmt found a guy we were looking for. He had 13 inches and knew how to use it and we loved it too. My husband loved to watch him put it all in and and he cum all over himself. We plan to return New Year's Eve 2015 for a weeks.
  • jilly
    jilly 05 December, 2015
    I used to think size didn't matter much ,but I was fooling myself I have got myself a Jamaican boyfriend who is hung like a donkey ,and I enjoy being filled with a hot thick dong as much as possible ,he has a very well hung mate and we've had a threesome a few times ...tonight I'm going to enjoy both of them.
  • Josep
    Josep 27 October, 2015
    Me gusta mucho mirar videos donde hombres negros follan a mujeres blancas ,, me gusta ver como ellas les chupan se comen sus negran pollas Y luego son folladas y enculadas LO Bonito es ver un negro follar a una mujer blanca casada y el marido blanco se lo mira como disfruta su esposa con el negro .. son excitantes estos videos
  • Martin
    Martin 26 September, 2015
    My ex wife bused to say size makes no difference but before our divorce she told me she had a fling with a black guy who had a thick 10 " and she enjoyed every inch. One thing Modern Women don't pretend size doesn't matter they admit I
    t does.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 13 September, 2015
    I got my girlfriend into BBC now she's in love
  • jilly
    jilly 08 June, 2015
    I had a great time in Jamaica with my two mates and boy did we enjoy some cock the receptionist got us fixed up with some local donkeys. how this old tosh about size not mattering ,guys this is rubbish me and my mates were well shafted for two whole weeks .Ithink my pussy has just recovered
  • Jilly
    Jilly 27 April, 2015
    Found this Video by accident a few months ago ,those big black cocks got my knicks. hot anyway me and my two mates are going to Jamaica next month to get as much donkey dick as we can get ....grrrrrr..
  • rialba 16 April, 2015
    Better if this were a video
  • happy hubby
    happy hubby 05 April, 2015
    My wife is Italian decent and I give her a wonderful life in Canada. I told her that I would love for her to be fucked by a black man. So we book a trip to Jamaica and I told the guy at the desk that on our first night I need one big black cock for her. I blind folded her and he came from behind and started fucking her pussy. She said oh baby your so swollen. I almost burst out in laughter. He pulled out and came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop. I took her blind fold off and she blushed and said how big is his cock. The black guy said 11''. She looked at me and said she needs a strong ###. So she did six shoots of rum. Next think I know is he is slamming her ass hard and deep. She came so many times I lost count. The next night she got double penetrated by two black men.
  • Jilly
    Jilly 20 March, 2015
    I'm a horny chick i25 and last week Iwent to a "hung"party .where girls wont be getting tiddlers,thre was 3 white girls there and the shafting was going on all night ,some girls had 4 guys.Ihad 2 verywellhung guys 9" and *2 both as thick a my wrist ,enjoyed every inch.going back next week may try 5
  • Mary lou
    Mary lou 11 February, 2015
    I used to be a receptionist in a Hotel in Jamaica and I was that used to being asked by American and European middle aged women ,if I could recommend any well hung studs ,as I had enjoyed quite a few ,I got loads of tips.
  • Samantha
    Samantha 03 February, 2015
    No guys this isn't a man pretending to be a woman(what is the point)I'm a decent looking women, married and I've just come back from Jamaica with two of my mates ,and boy have I enjoyed some meaty cock, I had three thick dongs in one night I don't think lengths too important about 8ins is enough ,but girth, that is important ,my pussy was throbbing for a couple of hours after very long sessions one thing about black guys they sure can bone, I'm going back in a few months to enjoy as much meaty cock as I can get ,my knickers are soaking thinking about it.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 02 February, 2015
    you racist make me sick
  • steve
    steve 17 January, 2015
    Women love BBC,even my wife - she told me from day one that once in awhile she has to suck a black cock. I agreed and i watch her every time - love it
  • dave
    dave 22 December, 2014
    A least these days women are more honest ,the women Italk to admit size is very important especially girth.
  • lol
    lol 21 December, 2014
    Of course there is some racist looser talking shit ... insecure? Latent homosexual? Why are you watching this loser!
  • null
    null 14 December, 2014
    This should be titled White trash fuckin Niggers
  • iloveinterracial
    iloveinterracial 10 December, 2014
    Great shots. Some I would like to see clips of.
  • pamela bragaglia
    pamela bragaglia 09 December, 2014
    amo esses videos
  • bigdawggee 07 December, 2014
    I have a nice thick, italian dick, like a ### ###
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 02 December, 2014
    musica ###xante, vai pra puta que pariu;;;;;;;
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 01 December, 2014
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 01 December, 2014
    what the fuck music is this.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 01 December, 2014
    I don't like seeing black men with white women.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 26 November, 2014
  • sophi
    sophi 11 November, 2014
    I used to work on the reception desk in a large hotel in Kingston Jamaica, one of my unofficial jobs was finding good-looking guys for lady tourists , but the main thing I was asked is could I recommend local men who were very well hung , especially girth.so if you guys wish to know the truth yes size does matter
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